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Evan Rashby is a composer for Film and Media based in Los Angeles, CA. 

Evan Graduated from Berklee College of Music with a Bachelors in Music for Film Scoring. During his time at Berklee he composed music for live theater, and an array of independent films and multi-media advertising. While at Berklee, he was awarded the DOUG TIMM AWARD for Outstanding Achievement in Film Scoring

He is an avid movie buff and "Cinephile." Much of Evan's free time is spent watching movies and catching up on the latest releases. Some of his favorites include 

No Country For Old Men, Lost in Translation, Studio Ghibili and Tim Burton films, as well as timeless classics from Hitchcock and Kubrick. His film scoring influences include Alexandre Desplat, Emile Mosseri and Thomas Newman.

Evan's recent composing credits include:

  • FLESH AND BLOOD, written and directed by Sarah Nixon

  • ICOLETTE, written and directed by Sofia Wolfe and Christopher Powers

  • APARTMENT 308, written and directed by Anabella Funk

  • RUNNING WITH RONINfor Film and Digital Times

  • AJA VIDEO SYSTEMS, product release videos and corporate podcast

  • SPECTRUM TV, 30 second TV commercial

  • ACRES OF HOPE, music for non-profit organization

  • SIERRA THEATERS, advertising the re-opening of Northern California theaters due to COVID-19

  • ALIVE-ISH, written and directed by Anabella Funk as part of the HOLLYWOOD FRINGE FESTIVAL

  • RETROSPECT, written and directed by Karen Busse as part of the NCTV Film Festival

  • ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS, written and directed by Izzy Kings

  • DO OVER, written and directed by Yan Xi Toh

  • BREATHE, written and directed by Jenet Kiefer

  • DAWN TO DUSK, created by Arnab Dey and Priyankk Nandawa for Fashion Designer ROCKY STAR

  • TICKLE MONSTER, written and directed by Clint Lee and Chinda Eleonu 

  • DATING WHEN THE WORLD IS GONNA ENDby Lock-It-Down Productions

  • FOR LIAYLA, written and directed by Anabella Funk

  • JENNY AND JIHAEwritten and directed by Katie Kim

  • NAUTwritten and directed by Chris Powers

  • SOLAR-PUNK PODCAST, by Lily Callahan

Look for updates on upcoming projects!

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